"Nychta: A game with no graphics" is the first videogame with no graphics at all. It was designed as a challenge to make a videogame without one of its basic components and also as a way to raise awareness about videogame accessibility by putting players in the shoes of blind gamers.


The game is about escaping from a labyrinth by mentally mapping your surroundings using the sounds of your steps or bumping into walls. Each level features a procedurally generated labyrinth and the labyrinths increase in size the further you progress.



Arrow keys, w/a/s/d or swipe to move

R to reload level

M to turn music on or off

1.1 Update: Added swiping functionality for smartphone support, changed the sound of finding the exit to something a little more rewarding and added the option to use w/a/s/d to move

“Lament” song by Mushroom

You can NOT redistribute this game.

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Cool game really like the graphics


Cool idea and exploration, but I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news and tell you that Soundvoyager, Blindscape and Real Sound: Kaze no Regret all did this first...


Thank you ^^ Yes, of course there are other games that mainly use sound but by "no graphics at all" I mean no text, UI or anything on screen that can be considered graphics, just darkness.


ooh, I wish I could see my path and where I missed! was cool :)


What an interesting game concept!

Thank you! :D